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July’s Top Posts For Business Owners & Leaders You CAN’T Miss

August 03, 2017 by Susan Drumm

Expand Your Thinking and Expand Your Business

I am excited to bring you some of my team’s favorite posts from this month, for business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders. Take a look and let us know what you think.


Do You Influence Or Are You Influential? 

By Karen Keller,  via @KarenKeller

We have for too long now believed that influence is the practice of what we “do” to people. We persuade them. We negotiate with them. We manipulate them. We intimidate them. We coerce them. We feel if we get them to do what we want, we are influential. However, these are external actions. While they may influence others, they don’t make us, at the core, influencers. The goal of every leader is to be influential, not by merely using tactics but as an expression of who they actually are.   The good news is that real influence – being influential – can be cultivated, learned, and enhanced. Essentially, becoming influential is a process.

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6 Steps To Go From Procrastinating To Productive

By Jeffrey Hayzlett, @JeffreyHayzlett via @Entrepreneur

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we have tasks on our list that we’d rather not do. So, we keep moving the goal post farther down the field and do almost anything we can to avoid those distasteful jobs. Personally, I don’t like to get involved in extra paperwork or monthly expense reports. Other founders have their own least favorite activities. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because there’s an obvious solution: delegation. As a matter of fact, I created a motto along these lines: I will not do the work of my smart, very talented and motivated team. My job, after all, is to concentrate on the bigger parts of the business, like generating revenue. And while there are other such tasks that are necessary to operating a business, I might be avoiding them too because they slow me down. So, I again delegate them to the team.

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How To Master The Art Of Saying No

By Amy Kurtz, @AmyNKurtz via @mindbodygreen

You know the term FOMO, “Fear of Missing Out”? It’s a thing. We live in a do-all, see-all, be-all world nowadays. Even as new research is proving that hyper-stimulation and overcommitting disrupt our cognitive abilities and stress our bodies out, it’s hard to say no to the myriad things that compete for our time and attention. So we try to jam it all into our calendars, and before we know it we’re exhausted, depleted, and maybe even sick. Indeed, the road to burnout syndrome is often paved with good intentions. But consider this: When you operate from a state of mind from which you say yes indiscriminately to every request that comes your way, it’s impossible to show up fully present to any of them—to your job, to your family, friends, to your dreams, or even to yourself.

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How People With Different Conflict Styles Can Work Together

By Amy Gallo, @amyegallo via @HarvardBiz

When it comes to conflict, most of us have a default approach: we either tend to avoid it or seek it out. The avoiders among us shy away from disagreements, value harmony and positive relationships, and will often try to placate people or even change the topic. Avoiders don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or disrupt team dynamics. Seekers (and I’m one of them!) seem eager to engage in disagreements. They tend to care about directness and honesty, lose their patience when others aren’t being equally direct, and don’t mind ruffling feathers. Neither style is better or worse, and your default style is probably due to several factors: your past experiences with conflict, the conventions of the culture you’re from or work in, the organizational context, and even gender norms. Still, it’s useful to know what your natural tendency is and, when you get into a conflict with someone else, to put some thought into the other person’s style.

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