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When your business was smaller, your drive, creativity, and execution were the keys to your success.
Now that your business & your team are growing, you need to shift your focus from execution to visionary leadership. You need a fundamental change in mindset and the tools to take you there.

I’m Susan Drumm, and I’ve spent over two decades coaching entrepreneurs, high profile organizations and companies like Viacom, Cisco, L’Oreal and KPMG how to use the power of leadership to lead their teams towards multi-million dollar growth. I’ve built my business from scratch and now have a team that helps me achieve the success that I couldn’t have achieved on my own. I can help you do the same – hire right, increase your profits, and (most importantly) find time for your life.

I know how great leadership drives business performance. Here are six ways you can access my experience and tools.

  1. Subscribe to my Blog. I publish new posts once a week. I provide practical tools and insights on entrepreneurship, leading teams, delegation, hiring, leadership development, personal development and online resources. By subscribing, you’ll get all my latest tips delivered to your inbox.
  2. Buy my E-books or Guides. You can find them all under Tools for Teams. These are practical step-by-step tools that you can use immediately to improve your hiring (so that you hire rock star talent) and leading (so that your team is inspired to help you achieve your vision). You’ll find interview guides, guides for tough conversations, guides to help you with onboarding and more.
  3. Join The Dream Team Academy. This is the whole package – from “who to hire” to “how to motivate” them towards your big, business goals. It’s a powerful 6 week training academy for teaching you the skills you need to get to the next level of growth by harnessing the power of a team. We open registration just twice a year. Register now, or add your name to the waiting list for our next program.
  4. Go on a Private Leadership Retreat. Big visions require big conversations (and tools) and a leadership retreat is just the place to have them! What I’ve got is unlike anything else out there: three different types of retreats that will change the way you do business.
    • The CEO Leadership Retreat covers everything from a hiring plan (who, what, when, how), culture, leadership style, motivation, delegation, accountability, and more.
    • My private Distressed Partnership retreats bring you and your business partner together to realign for success.
    • The High Performance Team Retreat assesses your team’s performance (with real data!), gets everyone on board with your team vision, makes new team agreements, and improves your team’s performance. On average, we see a 20% improvement in productivity and “positivity” within six months!

    Retreats are generally held in Jackson Hole, WY or Scottsdale, AZ.

  5. Book me as a speaker. I’ve been leading corporate offsites and speaking publicly for 20 years. My background as a trained actress means I know how to keep your audience engaged. Sample keynotes include Hiring with Wisdom & Firing with Grace, Discover your Secret Sauce, and Leverage your Personal Enneagram Leadership Style. If you have an event you would like me to consider, please email Cory, my assistant.
  6. Hire me as your leadership coach. I’ve been coaching C-suite executives of Fortune 500 companies and CEOs of well-funded start ups for over decade through my corporate company, Meritage Leadership. I love 1:1 coaching, but I have limited availability. I also charge high profile, CEO-type fees. If you are interested in working with me privately contact my assistant Cory.

If you have something else in mind, please contact us here. Someone on my team would be happy to talk with you.

About Susan Drumm

sdcircle2016a Susan Drumm is a leadership coach and advisor for C-level executives and their teams. Susan has spent over two decades teaching high profile organizations and companies like Viacom, Cisco, L’Oreal and KPMG how to harness the power of leadership to launch their teams towards multi-million dollar growth. Now she uses those same leadership development skills to help business owners and entrepreneurs grow their teams and accelerate their businesses.