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The Dream Team Academy

The Dream Team Academy is the whole package – from “who to hire” to “how to motivate” them towards your big, business goals. It’s a powerful 6 week training academy for teaching you the skills you need to get to the next level of growth by harnessing the power of a team.

We’ll cover these topics in depth:

  1. Dream Team Vision
  2. Your Personal Leadership Style
  3. Hiring + Outsourcing
  4. Onboarding + Collaboration with Team
  5. Delegation + Accountability
  6. Communicating Vision + Team Engagement

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Hire with Wisdom, Fire with Grace

Learn the secrets entrepreneurs and business owners need to know to hire the right people and let go of the wrong people for business success.

In this webinar, you’ll be introduced to:

  • 3 hiring mistakes that keep your business stuck or “exposed”
  • 6 stages of entrepreneurship and when to hire
  • The critical 5 steps not to skip during your hiring process
  • The 4 things you must do to protect yourself and your company from liability when hiring
  • The secret to firing with grace
  • 3 beliefs that make firing nearly impossible to do
  • 7 actions you should take before firing someone
  • Susan Drumm has been coaching CEOs with these transitions for two decades. Come learn the secrets to hire the right people and let go of the wrong people to help your business thrive.

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About Susan Drumm

sdcircle2016a Susan Drumm is a leadership coach and advisor for C-level executives and their teams. Susan has spent over two decades teaching high profile organizations and companies like Viacom, Cisco, L’Oreal and KPMG how to harness the power of leadership to launch their teams towards multi-million dollar growth. Now she uses those same leadership development skills to help business owners and entrepreneurs grow their teams and accelerate their businesses.