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praise-marc Susan Drumm has been an exceptional advisor for my senior leadership team and 4 divisions. As our group went through a major reorganization, the insights and tools she brought have transformed the way we work, and set us on the path to becoming a high performance organization. We leveraged her leadership development expertise through having her firm facilitate bi-annual offsites for each of my divisions. It’s been invaluable!
— Marc Speichert, former Global Chief Marketing Officer at L’Oreal, current Global Partner Lead at Google


lauriem I hired an assistant for the first time 3 years ago and she was great in the beginning. After a while, I started to notice a decline in her performance. Probably because she didn’t do well working from home. We ended up parting ways. Then I came across Susan’s guide, and I started looking for a new VA. I loved her suggestions:  like putting in the subject line “your dream assistant”. That was the biggest nugget; she saved me a lot of time. Susan’s VA Guide – with key questions, areas to think about, what you want the person to do – that was incredibly helpful for me to map out. Now I hired someone 3 months ago and it’s working out great.  Thank you!
Laurie J. Maddalena, Certified Executive Coach & Consultant, Envision Excellence, LLC

praise-nick Susan helped me to create strategies for staying focused amidst ever-shifting priorities and challenges.  With her help I was able to get a different perspective on my responsibilities, my team and my goals.  She really helped me get my leadership and my team to a new level!
— Nick Rockwell, SVP of Digital Media, Conde Nast

praise-sarahvb Working with Susan has been an absolute God-send. Before we worked together, I’d been through eight (!) VAs in a year and a half. I was burnt out from doing everything myself and disappointed in everyone I hired. Susan taught me how to hire the right candidate and then delegate effectively once I hired them. Now I’m totally in love with my VA! My work/life balance is a million times better and I have more time for the work I really love doing!
— Sarah Von Bargen, Blogger and Writer, Yes and Yes

praise-karen Susan Drumm is definitely a pioneer in her field. She not only helped me with getting my business structured but also helped me stay on point with hitting my goals and deadlines. I had the pleasure of working with Susan when my business was just 3 years old and growing. Now I am completely maxed out with clients and am currently working on developing my online business. I would highly recommend her if you are looking to grow your unique brand.
— Karen Mullarkey, Personal Trainer, Model, and Social Media Maven, No Mullarkey Personal Training

Susan helped me flush out patterns of behavior that were creating anxiety, conflict, and friction in my life.  For example, she helped identify how my entrepreneurial instincts were leading to compulsive thinking, stress, and mood swings that had negative impacts on those around me. Once I understood those behaviors, I could see them at work in a non-judgmental way, make changes on the fly, and achieve better outcomes both personally and professionally. This allowed me to connect with others in a more meaningful way.
— Scott McDonald, Entrepreneur and Activist, Former SVP, Proxicom

praise-sumita Susan provided a framework and tools which allowed us to establish fantastic guidelines for more effective communication. She also helped with confronting conversations, and as a result we were able to improve our communications both within the team and as well with our key business partners.   She made a lasting impact on our team, resulting in our improved ability to drive results as a productive business team, leveraging our diversity of backgrounds and styles.
— Sumita Banerjee, SVP, Talent Acquisition, L’Oreal

praise-georgia Among the most valuable leadership resources Susan Drumm provided me were tools to shape my ability to collaborate with and influence my team. Her keys to building new relationships within a team and strengthen existing ones, as well as identify individual work styles, facilitate dialogues that can truly align members of an organization and create a more productive work environment.  I use Susan’s Make A Pact to solidify partnerships within my company and leverage my team’s talents more effectively.
— Georgia Arvanitis, PhD, Senior Partner, MbGa Scientific

praise-david By working with Susan, I was able to identify key priorities and enlist my senior leadership team in collaboratively pursuing them. Susan is unique in her ability to combine applied behavioral psychology with high-level corporate strategy, orienting a management team around a problem, placing it into context and providing the tools to maintain team alignment through the ever-critical execution phase.
— David Shrier, former CEO, HCPlexus, Inc., current New Ventures Officer, MIT

praise-sharon Susan Drumm’s approach to establishing structures not only to get things done but to building an awareness of “what gets in the way” have stuck with me even years after our work together. They are lasting tools for a more fulfilling life that as we all know is constantly in transition. She is wonderful and I highly recommend her!! You will learn lessons for life as she juxtaposes mind, body, and spirit with the practical.
— Sharon Bazbaz, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

praise-kaihan It is rare to find someone that combines the sensitivity, intelligence, and boldness to propel you beyond what you ideally think you are capable of. Susan Drumm does that. Her firm is the adviser you want on your side.
— Kaihan Krippendorff, Speaker, Consultant and Author, Outthinker

praise-stephen Susan Drumm has exceptional abilities to understand the deeper context of a situation and to effectively lead one through a process of personal discovery, ultimately unlocking the most effective “mindset and heartset” for success.
— Stephen George, Chief Investment Officer, Private Equity Investment Firm

praise-brent When I first started working with Susan, I had a number of projects that had been overwhelming me with their scope and complexity. The most important (and daunting) project on my plate was the raise of our first fund. With Susan’s help, I reframed the project, dramatically simplified my strategy and tactics, and completely changed my interaction with potential targets. Ultimately, I achieved the results I desired, successfully raising the fund. More importantly, I had fun in the process.
— Brent Johnstone, Founder and Managing Director, Private Equity Firm

praise-davidm As a result of working with Susan, I feel that I am able to engage with all members of the senior management team in authentic conversations, and there has been a significant turnaround in my job satisfaction. Overall, the process has had a profound impact on me, both professionally and personally.
— David McQuillan, Chief Science Officer, Biotech & Medical Device Corporation

praise-cynthia Susan Drumm has a remarkable ability to identify and cull out a kernel of truth in a particular situation, to shed new light on it, and change the way I think about it. The result is an entirely refreshed approach to evaluating choices, opportunities and next steps in light of the value and challenges that make me want to pour my heart and soul into my personal and professional endeavors.
— Cynthia Dow, former In-house Counsel at Cadbury, current Executive Search & Assessment Consultant at Russell Reynolds

praise-john I have had many executive coaching experiences during my 25 year career and Susan is by far the best ever. She has helped by taking a team that was full of dysfunction and pulling them together into cohesive group.
— John Harper, SVP, Global Clinical Affairs and Clinical Science, KCI

praise-michael Her rich array of tools, techniques, approaches, and philosophies have yielded great dividends for both me and for my teams.  I continue to work with Susan to build my leadership skills, support my teams, and find new ways for our company to better align.
— Michael Joseloff, VP, Strategy and Consumer Marketing, Lifetime / A+E Networks

Susan helped me look within myself — to delve into places that maybe weren’t the most comfortable — for me to realistically address and measurably improve.  As the CEO of a company growing bigger than I ever envisioned I know how I should look and sound, Susan’s strong message was delivered with love.
— Jonathan Morton, CEO, Summit Pharmacy

halley I finally found my dream VA! I saved thousands of dollars and dozens of hours by using Susan’s interview guide. My team’s productivity has gone thru the roof because of this. I have never been happier and gotten so much done.  Get it!
— Halley Gray, CEO + Marketing Leader, Evolve + Succeed

praise-leah I am constantly in awe of Susan Drumm. She is the left brain to my right. If only I could get 1/2 as much done in a day as she does, my life and business would be twice as amazing. She is genuinely & deeply passionate about helping others and seeing them succeed. Don’t work with her unless you are wearing a seatbelt, because you will need to be prepared to be rocketed into the fourth dimension. Two words to describe this beautiful woman: Compassionate powerhouse!
— Leah Bosworth, Founder & Owner of Ironwood Yoga Studios