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September’s Top Posts For Business Owners & Leaders You CAN’T Miss

September 28, 2017 by Susan Drumm

Expand Your Thinking and Expand Your Business

I am excited to bring you some of my team’s favorite posts from this month, for business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders. Take a look and let us know what you think.


15 Ways To Lead With Effective Communication

By Josh Steimle, @joshsteimle via @Entrepreneur

Too many entrepreneurs become estranged from their teams, turn off partners, and lose deals, all because they lack basic communication skills. Often this lack of skill gets passed down to teams and the problems are perpetuated through the organization. Do you know how to communicate? As important as these skills are, somehow they don’t teach this stuff in schools. Now, according to Simon Sinek, when our educational system and parents create graduates who lack basic social graces, it falls on employers to make up the difference. But what if you’re an entrepreneur with no one to help you build the soft skills? Or an employee trying to advance with no mentor in sight? The journey starts with these 15 tips to build your workforce communication skills, offered from working entrepreneurs, speakers, authors and coaches. The first one is mine.

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7 Mistakes These Successful People Will Never Make Again 

By The Oracles, @theoraclesgroup via @SUCCESSMagazine

No one ever made it to the top without encountering challenges or setbacks along the way. Fail enough times and you’ll eventually succeed. These seven entrepreneurs share the biggest failure from their past, and how their learning experiences can shape who you are today.  1. I didn’t experiment enough. My biggest failures came from when I didn’t experiment enough and made hasty decisions on a “hunch.” Sometimes hunches and intuition can lead you astray. In 2009, one of my businesses had been running for three years. It finally hit me that I should experiment with the price we charged. My marketing team ran an A/B split test. One week later, I got a text about the results: “I’m not sure you’re going to want to hear this.” The text explained that we should have charged a higher price for the previous three years. That mistake cost us $8 million net. That was a pretty painful lesson. Whenever launching a new business or product, always run a few A/B split tests on the price in the first month. In business, I’ve found this to be true: He or she who experiments the best and quickest usually wins.

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5 Red Flags That You Made A Bad Hire

By Stephanie Vozza, @StephanieVozza ‏via @FastCompany

The interview process went well, and you were excited to bring on the new employee, but the person who showed up the first week doesn’t seem like the person you thought you hired. It’s possible that a candidate passes your screening process with flying colors and then lands with a thud when they take their desk, but how do you tell the difference between new-job jitters and red flags that you’ve made a mistake? Start by discerning red flags from overt problems like dishonesty or illegal or immoral actions, says Shani Magosky, author of The Better Boss Blueprint. “Those aren’t red flags; they are more like baseball bats hitting you over the head, and thus require swift action or termination,” she says. Less serious behaviors should be noted and handled immediately because they could be signs of something worse to come. Here are five red flags that may indicate you’ve made a hiring mistake:

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This 1 Skill Makes Great Leaders. Hint: You’re Not Born With it

By Jordan Scheltgen, @cavejordans via @Inc

Leading isn’t about always being your best but it’s always about giving your best. This rule hasn’t changed since the beginning of time. People don’t expect leaders to be perfect. They just expect them to push themselves to become better daily. If you look around at business executives, professional athletes, ex and current military personnel, you’ll see commonalities between them as leaders. They work. They fail. They work more. They work so much because they know there’s someone else out there who’s grinding to take their spot. Great leaders have a bias for action and display it every day. Everyone is born into different circumstances, with certain gifts and opportunities afforded to them. And these can equate to certain levels of success, but there’s one great equalizer.

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