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Leadership Retreats & Workshops

What I’ve got is unlike anything else out there: three different types of retreats that will change the way you do business.

When we’ve got our noses to the collective grindstone, it’s hard to look up and notice the big picture; we’re usually too bogged down in meetings and deadlines to approach the big, meaningful changes we know we need to make. We know we need to delegate more, we know we need to change the way we hire, but we’re not sure where to start. A leadership retreat carves out time in your schedule and mind to dig deep into those things you’ve been meaning to address.

Big visions require big conversations (and tools) and a leadership retreat is just the place to have them!

Private CEO Leadership Retreats

Your success as a CEO and entrepreneur is determined by your ability to hire, inspire, and lead a team to support your growth. If you’re a business owner and have a team, you need specific expertise — leadership coaching — to scale your business: this private retreat is for you. We cover everything from a hiring plan (who, what, when, how), culture, leadership style, motivation, delegation, accountability, and more.

Distressed Partnership Retreats

Some of my clients nickname me the “marriage counselor for business” because I have a knack for bringing together distressed business partners and realigning them for success. If you worry that your once-thriving business partnership is not where you want it to be, or you believe your partnership could be more powerful than it is today: this retreat is for you. I’ll help you all realign with your shared business vision, understand your separate leadership styles, communicate more effectively and avoid partnership derailers.

Team Leadership Retreats

Building a smart, supportive, high performance team is the single step that separates good companies from great companies. It’s what separates a successful business from a wildly successful one.

When your business was just you, your drive, creativity, and execution were the keys to your success. Now that your business and your team is growing, things are getting exponentially more complicated. If you’re looking to transform your staff into a high performance team: this retreat is for you.

We’ll assess your team’s performance (with real data!), get everyone on board with your team vision, make new team agreements, and improve your team’s performance. On average, we see a 20% improvement in productivity and “positivity” within six months!

About Susan Drumm

sdcircle2016a Susan Drumm is a leadership coach and advisor for C-level executives and their teams. Susan has spent over two decades teaching high profile organizations and companies like Viacom, Cisco, L’Oreal and KPMG how to harness the power of leadership to launch their teams towards multi-million dollar growth. Now she uses those same leadership development skills to help business owners and entrepreneurs grow their teams and accelerate their businesses.