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Partner Leadership Retreat

Evan, a business success coach, formed a brilliant partnership with another amazing coach, with the dream of going farther, getting there faster, and leveraging strengths to make their mark in the world. And of course to live fully and happily on the journey.

In my 20 years of leadership coaching, I’ve found that the reality of many partnerships falls short of this ideal. I hear this:

  • “Things aren’t going smoothly between us. He just doesn’t get it anymore”
  • “Our disagreements are frustrating and are hurting the business”
  • “My partner isn’t sharing the load and I’m resenting it”
  • “Our partnership is mostly working, but it could be a lot better”

In the case with Evan, she felt the relationship with her business partner wasn’t going as smoothly as it once was. They had trouble aligning on the best direction to take the business, felt resentful that her partner wasn’t bringing in the same level of clients, and they weren’t getting along the way they used to.

If this sounds familiar, you are in the right place.

If you feel your once thriving business partnership is now experiencing some distress, or you believe your partnership could be more powerful than it is today: this retreat is for you.

It’s not just about execution… it’s about partnering effectively together to bring vision, team collaboration and leadership. It’s about DOING THINGS ONLY YOU CAN DO, and together developing your team with capability to grow your business.

And I have the specific expertise to help you get there.

sd-circle I’m a CEO Advisor and Leadership Coach with over 20 years of experience leading teams and partnerships to collaborate more effectively and produce multi-million dollar success.

My clients call me: “The marriage counselor for business.”

You’ve might have worked with a business coach or mentor to help you plan, set goals and execute. You’ve assembled a broader team: perhaps a developer, a business/project manager, the right assistant, the number-crunching accountant, and that designer + developer who makes your online space sing. Wonderful!

However, as you grow in size, managing your business becomes more complex, and demands a different level of collaboration with your partner than when you started.

How You Can Have the Dream Partnership You Need (and Maximize Your Success)

Join me in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming or Scottsdale, AZ for a powerful day to focus on your partnership.

7 Benefits You’ll Experience on Your Retreat

  1. Clarity on your Partnership Purpose: You decided to collaborate for a specific purpose, but what aspects of that collaboration are still serving the business and which are not? Walk away with insight on the “WHY” of your partnership, and clarity to re-commitment to it (or amicably dissolve what is no longer serving you.)
  2. Re-align on a Partnership Vision: When you formed your partnership, you probably “didn’t know what you didn’t know.” Now that you both have more information about each other’s strengths and your business opportunities, you will re-align on a more powerful partnership vision for how you want to collaborate going forward.
  3. Understand your Leadership Style + Impact: There are 9 different types of leadership styles, and knowing which one you are, and what you need to work on, is the key to transforming how you interact with your partner.
  4. Communicate More Effectively: Bottom line – you will know how to communicate in a way your business partner can hear. When you understand your own primary leadership style and the leadership styles of those you work with, you can respond to their intent and speak to them in a language they can hear, instead of being caught up in sometimes perplexing behavior.
  5. Know + Avoid Partnership Derailers: Based on years of research, there are 4 deadly partnership derailers that will damage, and over time destroy, your business partnership. Learn how to spot them, avoid them, and shift out of them if they do pop up.
  6. Make New Partnership Agreements: With greater understanding of how you communicate more effectively, how to leverage each other’s leadership styles, and how to overcome conflict, you will make a clear set of agreements for how you want to work together going forward. This is not about legal agreements but relationship agreements.
  7. Tools for Collaboration: You will walk away with specific tools to improve collaboration, developed over my 20+ years of working with teams and partnerships.

Meet Susan Drumm

susanr1Susan Drumm, J.D., CCPC

Managing Director, Meritage Leadership
CEO & Chief Empowerment Officer,

Susan Drumm is a CEO Advisor and Leadership Coach with over 20 years of experience leading teams and senior executives to produce multi-million dollar success. She founded two companies to address the unique cultures of both small and large companies: Meritage Leadership focuses on leader and team effectiveness for corporations., is a resource of leadership tools + programs for entrepreneurs.

Susan’s clients include C-suite executives from media, high-tech, financial services, healthcare, private equity, and consumer products. Representative clients: L’Oreal, CondéNast, Microsoft, Viacom, A&E Networks, Cisco, Merrill Lynch, Symantec, Merck, Staples, MTV Networks and Genentech. Susan uses her leadership skills to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses, and draws on many disciplines in her approach. She graduated from Harvard Law School, holds a B.S. in Management from Carnegie Mellon University and a Master’s degree in Drama from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

mcquillan “We had a complex partnership that became dysfunctional very quickly due to different geographies, different cultures, and misunderstood assumptions and goals.  This not only caused huge stress to both teams, but significantly delayed the launch of our product.  With Susan’s remarkable insight, clarity, and coaching on both sides, we were able to see destructive patters of communication, use tools to pull us out of the quagmire, and get aligned to move forward.  The result was huge:  we were finally able to get traction and regain almost 9 months of lost ground to speed our product to market.” – D. McQuillan, Chief Science Officer, Biotech Start-Up

shrier One of my key partners was being a complete road-block and we just couldn’t agree on how to move forward.  Susan’s coaching helped me improve my communication, how I interacted, and enabled me to get the partnership on better footing.   It helps tremendously to have a Harvard Law trained coach with excellent mediation skills to break through the relationship barriers! – D. Shrier, CEO, Tech Start-Up

roberts I was frustrated by the lack of trust I felt from my partner, and the resulting micro-managing that was stalling our progress.  Susan’s counsel was brilliant: she has a special skill to heal broken partnerships by having us understand each other deeper way.   We were able to shift our interaction, and create new agreements for how to work together, which resulted 2x the speed of execution going forward. – D. Roberts, SVP Operations, Medical Device Start-up


  1. We start with a private 1:1 phone call with each of you
    About two weeks before your Retreat, we’ll have a separate 50-minute phone call with each of you to understand your partnership successes, struggles and goals for the retreat. This is a chance for me to get to know you, your brand and your unique needs.
  2. You complete two key diagnostic assessments
    graphs2 About a week before your Retreat, you will complete two critical assessments that will be the “data” that we use to inform the work we do together. One tool gathers other “voices in the system” – specifically team member feedback, and one is a personal assessment to analyze your specific leadership communication style. If don’t have a team or aren’t working with contractors on a regular basis, we will discuss alternative ways to gather additional perspectives on your partnership.
  3. You arrive in Jackson Hole or Scottsdale at least a night before
    It’s critically important for the success of your retreat to “get away” to a new location as a reset to start fresh. And why not come to a place that offers you much more. My motto is: Sunny & 75! Year round! That’s why I’ve selected two gorgeous locations to live in. I’m in Jackson, WY from June through October (with a few trips back in the winter for skiing). Then I move to Scottsdale, AZ from November to May. Depending on when you want to do the retreat, we will plan your day in either location. I will suggest hotels in a variety of price ranges. You should plan to stay at least 2 nights. Of course I highly recommend you stay longer and experience all that these beautiful locations have to offer. I can also suggest an extended itinerary should you choose to stay longer so you don’t miss anything, and the best recommendations for places to eat and drink!


    jacksonholeAwe-inspiring landscapes, untamed wildlife, natural beauty preserved for millennia and limitless adventures are just a few of the things you’ll experience on a trip to Jackson Hole, a place that is Forever West. Here you can make memories that last a lifetime while enjoying the finest nature has to offer with the Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone at your back door. Enjoy endless national parks, hiking, wildlife, road and mountain biking, fishing, hot springs, rock climbing, off-roading, world-class dining, mind-blowing sunsets and unlimited cultural experiences. There is so much to enjoy in one of America’s prestigious, year-round playground that will make your visit absolutely unforgettable.


    arizonaThe majestic, Sonoran desert is beckoning… rejuvenate your spirit with a visit to Scottsdale, AZ. Enjoy breathtaking mountain views, balmy temperatures and endless sunshine along with fine dining and unique outdoor shopping to enhance your time in the desert. Scottsdale offers the chance to energize, enrich and renew your body by taking an open-air treatment at one of the many 5-star resort day spas. If golf is your passion, choose from over 200 world-class golf courses that will challenge your game and enliven your senses. Magic happens when you spend as much time outside as possible, so cap off your trip with a hike on some of the most beautiful mountains in the west such as Camelback, Piestewa Peak, Pinnacle Peak and the McDowells.

  4. We’ll start at 9:00 am with clarifying your partnership purpose and vision.
    We will start at my gracious home where the first part of the day is spent aligning on your business goals, the WHY of your partnership, and vision for the future. Around mid-morning, we will split up to do some important 1:1 work debriefing your leadership style assessment, while the other takes a break to hike, swim or nap.
  5. Lunch alfresco
    Sunny & 75 means, where I live, you can eat outside year-round. You will choose where we eat from list of delicious, nearby restaurants. Over lunch, you will share your insights on your leadership style with your partner and how you can both leverage your strengths in the future, while avoiding potential pitfalls.
  6. The second assessment debrief
    After we’ve had a beautiful lunch and fresh air, we go back to a private 90 minute 1:1 debrief of the other partner’s leadership assessment, freeing up the first partner for a hike, swim or nap. We meet for a coffee break at home mid-afternoon to share insights, lessons learned, from both the team feedback and leadership assessments – data we will use to form a new collaboration agreement.
  7. New Agreements + Avoiding Partnership Derailers
    The last section of the day is when you begin to make specific requests and agreements based on the vision and assessment “data” we have reviewed in-depth. You will walk away with a “collaboration agreement” (not a legal agreement) for how you will interact with each other going forward to achieve your business goals. You will also learn what could derail this agreement, and ways to interrupt a negative cycle of conflict.I work that day as long as you need. Typically, my clients like to wrap up by 6:00pm so they can go get a spa treatment to let everything we covered in the day soak in.
  8. Follow Up
    A week or two after our Retreat, we will touch base by phone to check in on your partnership and go over any questions. Depending on the package selected below, we will also schedule follow up coaching to make sure you are using your new tools, you feel on track and stay aligned.

Are You A Good Fit for the Partnership Reset Retreat?

The Partnership Reset Retreat isn’t for everyone. You have to both have a desire to find a new way of collaborating with each other (not just “break up”) and meet a few other requirements…

  • You’ve been successful with your business, and you have had your business partnership for at least a year.
  • You understand that you both contribute to the success or failure of the partnership, and are willing to work on how you “show up” to make it successful.
  • You understand that, just like a marriage counselor cannot guarantee you won’t get divorced, I cannot guarantee your partnership will not fail. It takes two people to create a relationship, but only one to walk way. I can guarantee that this process will give you the best possible outcome for making the partnership work – you will learn new tools for communication that will serve you in personal relationships and in business partnerships for the rest of your life.

To be considered for a Partnership Reset Retreat, you are required to complete a short application. I’ll review the application to make sure it’s a good fit.

Once approved, you can pay in full or in 2 payments. All payments must be made in advance of our Retreat.

Program Components GOLD: Partnership Retreat only PLATINUM: Partnership Retreat with follow up
Private 1:1 call with each partner prior to retreat checkmark checkmark
Leadership & communication style assessment checkmark checkmark
Team/partner feedback assessment checkmark checkmark
Day long facilitation to achieve clarity on partnership purpose and vision, and new agreements for collaboration checkmark checkmark
Private leadership assessment report and debrief checkmark checkmark
Tools to communicate + collaborate more effectively checkmark checkmark
Partnership derailers and how to avoid them checkmark checkmark
Follow up Partnership Coaching for 2 months, two 60 min sessions per month checkmark
Personal Board of Directors: Coaching to understand benefits of leveraging a board to guide your business, identify who can provide guidance, and collaborate effectively with this invaluable resource checkmark
Total Investment $15,700 $18,700

Your travel and hotel stay is separate and is your responsibility.

If you’re ready to reset your partnership, collaborate in a whole new way, improve your life and income, apply here…

COMPLETE YOUR APPLICATION for the Partner Leadership Retreat HERE